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January 18
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Lea looped her arm throw Hinata’s with a laugh, her smile glowing.
“Isn’t this fun?”
Hinata nodded her smile faint though she certainly couldn’t deny that she was having a good time.
“See?” Lea chided. “And you wanted to stay home.”
Hinata’s face flushed. “Yeah, I’ve had a really good time. Thank you Lea.”
Lea gave her friend an affectionate push as they continued through the brightly lit carnival. It had taken an act of supreme will to convince Hinata to come out and have fun but finally she’d prevailed on her. The evening had been lit by fireworks, the sound of laughter, and the smell of caramelized sugar. They still hadn’t explored every corner of the carnival, and before the night was out Lea intended to do just that. Just now though she had her eyes fixated on a particularly interesting sign. It was a large pavilion colored in a whirlwind of greens and browns as if it was some kind of forest tapestry. Whatever it was meant to be, the darker coloration stood in stark contrast to the brightly lit carnival around it. Above the entrance a massive caricature of a python was portrayed, coiled and raised up with its eyes staring intently down at those who dared stand beneath it. It was flanked on either side by two smaller—though no less impressive—cobras, their hoods raised menacingly.
Before the tent’s flap sitting atop a crate was a stout little man dressed in flowing exotic robes. He sat cross-legged and as Lea caught his gaze his expression turned into an eager leer. Beneath him on the box’s front was a banner which proclaimed: ‘Mystic Snake of the Far East. Gaze into the Eyes of Eternity.’
The man beckoned with a weathered hand, his voice remarkably strong despite his battered features. “You, my sweet desert rose,” he exclaimed “Would you care to meet the eyes of fate?”
Lea snorted and exchanged a smile with Hinata who looked far less cheered by the strange little man’s attention.
“What are the eyes of fate,” Lea asked dismissively. She couldn’t believe there was anything actually so corny at the carnival but here it was before her.
The man smiled and unfolded himself, rolling forwards from his seat before landing on the grass and raising himself into a bow.
“My dear lady, inside this most humble tent you will encounter a wondrous serpent which holds the minds of mankind enraptured with his hypnotic gaze.”
Lea couldn’t contain her mirth as she giggled at the man’s preposterous statement.
“A wondrous snake with a hypnotic gaze,” she snickered and tugged on Hinata. “Come on, this sounds like it’ll be funny.”
Hinata though looked far less enthusiastic about the prospect before them. She put a hand on Lea’s arm, holding her firmly.
“I don’t think this is a good idea Lea. Let’s go find something else.”
“My ladies,” the man leered. “You’ll find no better entertainment beyond this fine tent anywhere else at the carnival I assure you.”
Lea was still immensely amused by the very idea let alone the prospect of a mystic snake with hypnotic power. She just had to see what cheap trick they were trying to sell here.
“I’m going in,” she declared. “Are you going to make me face the mystic snake alone?”
Hinata swallowed uncertainly but shook her head, following Lea as she strode up to the man who was smiling and bowing in evident glee.
“You will not regret this decision my ladies. Tonight the universe will be opened to you in ways you never imagined.”
Lea giggled again, shaking her head in disbelief. He really was putting on a good show, she had to give him that much.
“How much is admission,” she asked.
The man looked between the pair of them appraisingly, his eyes flashing hungrily. Lea hoped he wasn’t going to charge some exorbitant amount. That would really put a downer on what she was expecting to be a particularly good laugh.
“Eight euros for the pair of you.” the little man finally said holding up his hand.
Well that wasn’t too bad; Lea still had plenty of money left over. After all she’d broken the bank for this little excursion. She looked over as Hinata made to retrieve her own money and stopped her friend with a smile.
“Oh no, I’m paying for this.”
“But—“ Hinata tried to protest.
“It’s fine; besides I’m making you do it remember?” Lea stated playfully. “So it’s my treat.”
Hinata nodded reluctantly as Lea handed over the money. “Alright, I guess its okay this once.”
The man counted through the money quickly before making it disappear into his robes. Lea smiled, she hadn’t even seen it leave his hands. He’d just waggled his fingers and the money had vanished. This really was going to be fun.
With a deep bow, the man walked backwards the tent flap and pulled it aside. “Enjoy the rest of your evening my most worthy ladies.”
With another smile and a shake of her head, Lea lead the way into the tent. The strange man dropped the tent flap behind them and for a moment they were enshrouded in a muggy darkness. The air seemed to cling to their clothing, pressing against their skin almost oppressively. It was such a vast change from the cool night air outside the tent that for a moment Lea lost her breath in the heavy humidity. This was certainly unexpected, though she wished that they’d turn on the lights and start the show.
Just as she had the thought, the lights came on. The scene that greeted her gave her pause. They were still inside the tent, of that she was sure, but she would have been convinced that they were out in the deepest jungle if not for the pavilion’s mottled canopy above their heads. Aside from that little discrepancy they seemed to be inside a rich tropical greenhouse which at least explained the humid and muggy air. How they managed to do all this inside a tent, even such a large tent, was beyond her. She really had to hand it to the carnival; they were doing a good job.
“I don’t like this.” Hinata murmured uncertainly. “It’s eerie.”
Lea nodded, though there was still a smile on her face. “It’s neat though, don’t you think?”
Hinata didn’t look particularly convinced and she was about to say as much when she jumped back suddenly with a yelp. Lea turned and her eyes widened at what was now before her. Two cobras, their hoods expanded and their bodies raised to eye level were eying them both with alien expressions.
“Uh, hello.” Lea managed, unsure what else she was supposed to do.
The cobra on the left flared its hood and flicked its tongue out before, of all things, speaking.
“Who are you?” it rasped with a threatening hiss.
Lea was a little taken aback by this. After all, snakes—even mystic snakes—didn’t talk in her experience. It had to be some kind of special effect; but even granting that, she still had to respond didn’t she?
“I’m Lea and this,” she offered as she pulled Hinata forward. “Is Hinata.” she eyed both snakes now. “Who are you?”
“Who am I?” rasped the first cobra again in irritation. “I am Nag.”
The second cobra addressed Lea now. “What do you seek?”
Lea noticed that this cobra had a much softer, though no less menacing, tone. Perhaps this was a female voice then? How did you tell with snakes?
“We seek the mystic snake of the east.” she said. It sounded utterly ridiculous she had to admit, but it was what the sign outside proclaimed. “Is that,” she looked between the two snakes. “Either of you?”
Nag’s head swayed from side to side as if dancing to some unheard tune. “Kaa, you seek Kaa.”
“Is that the snake’s name?”
“Silence girl,” rasped the second cobra, flaring its hood warningly. “He is Kaa, not ‘snake’.”
“I don’t even know your name.” Lea said haughtily. “And I didn’t know Kaa’s either.”
“I am Nagaina,” hissed the second cobra, sounding calmer now. “Wife of Nag.”
“Snakes marry?” Lea asked in bewilderment. They really were putting all their effort into this show.
The two cobras, Nag and Nagaina, said nothing as they stared at her with their cold eyes.
She huffed. “Well what now?”
“Lea,” Hinata whispered. “I think we should leave.”
“No,” Lea stated flatly. “We paid for this so we’re going to find out who this Kaa is.”
Nag and Nagaina moved forwards, their heads swaying back and forth on their slender bodies as they circled Lea and Hinata.
“You seek Kaa,” they rasped together in their hissing voices. “Come with us.”
With that, they lowered their bodies to the ground and slithered away into the dense brush. Lea took Hinata’s hand firmly and guided her friend in their wake. From time to time, one or both cobras would raise their heads above the foliage so that there was no chance they’d be lost. The jungle seemed substantially bigger than the pavilion had been and Lea wondered if it was some kind of optical illusion created by the coloring of the tent itself. She didn’t dwell on it long however as the foliage opened into a clearing around what appeared to be a hot-spring.
Lea blinked in surprise as Nag and Nagaina stopped and turned to regard them once more. This was getting a little silly. How was there a miniature spring inside the pavilion?
“Kaa will come for you,” Nag rasped, swaying in the air, his hood pressed around him like a cloak.
“And when he does,” continued Nagaina, adorned in the same manner as he husband. “He will give you entrance to nirvana.”
With that, both snakes lowered themselves again and began to slink away into the underbrush once more.
“Wait,” Lea called.
They stopped; Nagaina raised herself up to regard Lea coldly. “Yes?”
“We just wait here?” Lea asked in disbelief.
“Kaa will come for you.” repeated Nagaina, swinging her head towards a small wooden chest. “Adorn yourselves and rest until then.”
Without another word, or waiting for more questions the snakes vanished, leaving Lea and Hinata in the dense jungle air. For her part, Lea didn’t know what to make of any of this. It all seemed so surreal. She was equal parts curious and annoyed now. She’d expected a show but it seemed that it was all a lot of waiting around for nothing to happen.
She turned to find Hinata had opened the wooden chest and was holding up a blue bikini.
“I think we’re supposed to change.” Hinata said with a slight flush.
Lea looked from the inviting spring to the bikini in Hinata’s hands and back again with a scowl. What was this, some kind of perverse joke?
“Come on Hinata.” she said with determination. “I’m going to go find this Kaa.”
“They said we were supposed to wait.” Hinata reminded her.
Lea snorted. “I’m not going to wait.”
HInata looked at the spring longingly. “I want to wait, I’m tired.”
Lea blinked in surprise. “You’re going to get in a bikini and wait around for a mystic snake in a spring?”
Hinata’s face flushed and she looked away nervously. “Is that bad? I mean if it’s part of the show….” she trailed off uncertainly.
“No no,” Lea said hastily. “Go ahead I just want to find this snake and figure out what’s supposed to be so mystic.”
“Well didn’t the man say he was hypnotic?”
Lea smiled impishly. “Snake’s can’t hypnotize people.”
“What about talk?” Hinata pointed out.
“Special effects,” Lea dismissed. “I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere.”
With that she turned and headed off into the foliage in search of Kaa though to be fair she’d have been happy to encounter Nag or Nagaina again. She had more questions for the pair of creepy cobras.

Hinata rested against the side of the spring, her clothes discarded by the wooden chest. The water was soothingly cool and after an entire day spent running around the carnival with Lea she had to admit that being able to rest like this was a relief to say the least. With a contented sigh she leaned back and closed her eyes. The muggy air was counteracted by the pleasantly chilled water and she felt like she could just fall asleep right here. She wondered if that was a good idea really considering that Lea had gone off and she’d be alone here waiting for whatever ‘Kaa’ was but really, what could happen? She might feel a little nervous about all of this but it was all supposed to be in good fun right? With that thought in mind she drifted off into a gentle sleep, filled with sweet dreams. Lea could always wake her when she returned.
After a time she thought that she heard something, a soft chuckling, but she was too engrossed in her dreams to wake up.
The voice however, persisted. “Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm what have we here? Oh how delicious, she’s drifted right off. The poor dear she must be so very tired.”
Hinata frowned. Whose voice was that? She felt something sliding in the water around her waist. What was that? Whatever was around her waist lifted out of the water, now she woke up.
“Lea,” she whispered groggily as her eyes opened and then widened. “Wha—AH!”
She was suspended in the air above the spring in the coils of a massive serpent. He yell started the snake whose eyes widened as he dropped her to the wet ground with an unceremonious slapping sound. Hinata scrambled backwards and almost fell over backwards into the spring behind her.
“Wh-who are you?”
The snake was massive, suspended by lengths of coiled scaled muscle from the canopy above. It regarded her with apparent alarm and concern. What had it expected picking her up like that? Especially when she was sleeping of all things!
“I’m so sorry my dear,” the snake crooned soothingly. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
Again Hinata wondered what the snake had expected grabbing her like that.
“Are you Kaa?”
The snake, Kaa, bobbed his head. “Yes dear, that is me.”
“My friend went looking for you,” Hinata said, feeling a bit silly now for making a fuss and a little uneasy without Lea here. She hadn’t realized that Kaa would be so huge.
Kaa bobbed his head again. “Yes, I’m sure she’ll return shortly, have no fear.” his eyes glimmered as he gazed at Hinata. “We have time to get acquainted however.”
Kaa chuckled. “Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm, yes my dear. After all I am the mystic snake of the east. I’m the reason you came here am I not?”
Lea was the reason she’d come in here Hinata thought in some annoyance. And she’d wandered off.
“I really should find Lea,” she said as politely as possible. “She really wanted to see you.”
“Hmm,” Kaa mused with an injurious look on his face. “Could it be that you find me unsightly?”
“N-no, I just I—“
“Hinata.” purred Kaa, drawing his head closer to hers. “You are very lovely.”
Hinata’s face heated up. “I uh, thank you.” she was so taken aback by the compliment that she forgot to ask how he knew her name.
Kaa nodded in agreement to his own assessment. “Yes you are very lovely. I would hate to have my attention taken by another before I had the chance to share my powers with you.”
“Powers,” Hinata asked, remembering the man’s comment about Kaa’s hypnotism. “You want to hypnotize me?”
“Hypnotize?” Kaa asked innocently. “Why whatever do you mean?”
“Your eyes, they can hypnotize people right?”
“My eyes,” Kaa crooned as he gazed at Hinata eagerly, his eyes shimmering. “What about them?”
“They can—I—oh….” Hinata’s attention was taken by Kaa’s eyes as they began to flash in ever expanding ripples of colors. What had she been trying to say?
Kaa chuckled. “Mmm-hmm-hmm, my dear, were you saying something about my eyes?”
“Ye-yes…beautiful…they’re…colors.” Hinata murmured haltingly, her expression slackening as she looked up into Kaa’s fascinating gaze.
“Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm, why thank you my dear Hinata.” Kaa chuckled. “Here, let me help you up.”
He looped a coil around her waist and lifted Hinata to her feet, regarding her with a hungry glimmer. With his coils wrapped around her waist he leaned his head in close to her face.
“Hinata, you don’t need this,” he crossed his tail over her bikini top. “Undress for me my dear.”
“Yes Kaa.” Hinata said without a thought of protest as she undid her top before discarding her bottom. She tossed both into the spring carelessly, looking to Kaa eagerly.
“Oh yes,” Kaa said with a quiver as he slid his coils between Hinata’s legs and under her arms, lifting her from the ground once more. “This is very good. How do you feel Hinata?”
With Kaa’s scaled musculature sliding between her legs, Hinata’s eyes widened as her breathing intensified.
“It feels good Kaa,” she answered breathily. “Really good.”
“Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm, I’m glad to hear it my dear, now why don’t we—“
Kaa turned in surprise, wondering at the interruption. His annoyance did not linger though as he spied Lea, looking very alarmed, staring at him from across the clearing.

Lea was not sure what to do or think about the scene before her. She’d gone looking for Kaa, or even Nag or Nagaina but to no avail. How she’d managed to lose herself inside a tent she’d never understand but it had been Hinata’s shout that had finally helped her find her way back. Now here she was staring at Hinata who was naked and suspended by the powerful muscles of a massive snake—she assumed this was Kaa—and he was now looking at Lea with a very pleased expression.
“Ah my dear,” Kaa hissed as he moved towards her, Hinata rode along on his undulating coils as if she were riding a wave. “You must be Lea; Hinata told me that you’d gone looking for me.” Kaa affected an admonishing tone. “You really should have waited my dear. I wouldn’t have been long.”
“St-stay back,” Lea stammered as Kaa drew closer.
Kaa’s head moved rapidly sliding in front of Lea and gazing into her eyes. She clamped her own eyes shut, refusing to look into his gaze.
“Now my dear,” Kaa admonished her, the tip of his tail tilting her chin upwards. “That isn’t very polite. You should always look a snake in the eyes when it speaks to you.”
Lea didn’t open her eyes, if what had happened to Hinata was what Kaa intended to do to her she didn’t dare open her eyes.
“Hmm,” sighed Kaa in annoyance. “Very well, I suppose I shall have to go about this differently. Hinata my dear, would you mind holding her?”
“Of course Kaa,” Hinata replied.
Lea quivered nervously, her eyes still firmly shut. “Hi-Hinata?”
There was no response, but she felt Hinata’s hands slide around her, holding her tightly.
“That’s right, very good. Hold her like that my dear.” Kaa hissed.
Kaa’s coils slid around Lea and Hinata, pulling them tightly together as Lea squirmed. She felt Hinata’s breasts pressing against her back as Kaa’s coils continued to encircle them and squeeze. Then, suddenly, he lifted them both off the ground. Lea let out a yell and opened her eyes in alarm before realizing her mistake. She found herself staring squarely into the oscillating colors of Kaa’s eyes.
“No,” she whimpered meekly. “Please Kaa.”
“Don’t worry Lea.” Kaa hissed as he continued to impress upon her. “I won’t hurt you. Trust in me.”
Lea felt her mind fading, she tried fighting it but with her eyes open and looking into Kaa’s there was nothing she could do…and her eyes wouldn’t close. They refused to budge as she watched Kaa’s eyes shimmer in a rainbow of color.
“Lea,” Kaa hissed gently.
“Y-yes.” she replied.
“How do you feel my dear?”
“Tired…I can’t—I can’t think…colors are…so….” she trailed off as her train of thought derailed.
Kaa lowered both girls to the ground again gently, Hinata released Lea and stepped back to stand just behind her as Kaa encircled them both.
“Now my dear,” Kaa crooned affectionately as he addressed Lea. “Are you afraid anymore?”
“No Kaa.” Lea breathed.
“Good, very good,” Kaa surveyed her clothes idly. “Why don’t you undress Lea? It’s so warm in here; you must be burning up with all that silly cloth covering your body.”
“Yes Kaa.” Lea murmured vacantly as she discarded her clothes, throwing to the ground carelessly.
As she discarded the last of her garments and stood before the vast serpent Kaa shuddered with delight, the motion moving throughout his entire body in a ripple as he viewed her body.
“Lea you truly are magnificent.” he hissed in delight.
“Thank you Kaa.” Lea responded with a relaxed smile.
Kaa circled both Hinata and Lea at the center of a ring formed by his coils. He drank in their bodies hungrily. He looped between their legs, sliding against their skin as he pulled them close and twined around their hips before wrapping their stomachs and pulling them back to back. Neither Lea nor Hinata offered any objections as Kaa finished wrapping around their chests and shoulders.
He loomed over them eagerly with a self-satisfied smile. “Now Lea, Hinata, you are both mine. Let’s enjoy the time we have my dears.”
“Yes Kaa.” both of them said in unison, enraptured by his voice and gaze.
“Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm,” Kaa chuckled. “Please me my dears, the night is young and I want to see you enjoy each other.”
With entranced smiles, Lea and Hinata both reached for each other. Around and above them Kaa shivered with pleasure as they began to do his bidding with enthusiasm born of his hypnosis. He began to squeeze and undulate his coils around their bodies and between their legs, adding to their stimulus with a satisfied hiss. Tonight would be a very good one indeed. Outside the tent, the strange man rolled up the banner and doused the lights that had advertised the mystic snake of the east with a soft chuckle as he resumed his seat atop the crate and lit a long pipe with a bemused glimmer in his eye as the carnival continued unaware of the fate of two of its visitors.
A scene featuring :iconsenshumaru: and a 'friend' being seduced by Kaa.
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